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What is Ving Tsun?

Ving Tsun (alternatively known as Wing Chun, and other variations and combinations of that spelling) is the most popular Chinese combat system in the world today, with millions of adherents.

The style stresses economy of movement, simultaneous attack and defence, angles of attack and uses the opponent's force to defeat them. Ving Tsun is at its very best at close quarters where most fights occur. Instinctive reaction, through feeling and sensitivity is a cornerstone of the style. Precision and technique are used to deflect your opponent's energy, instead of direct opposition with brute force. This means that the style is suitable for both men and women, regardless of physique, strength, flexibility or fitness. You do not have to be fit to start learning, as suitable exercises will be taught to encourage sufficient fitness.

Ving Tsun was once one of China's most highly secretive Martial Arts. Legend has it that it originated from the Shaolin Temple at the beginning of the Ching Dynasty. The famous Buddhist nun, Ng Mui, fled to Fatshan after the Shaolin Temple was burned to the ground during the Manchurian consolidation following their conquest of China. After developing the style further, she passed it on to a young woman, Yim Wing Chun, for whom the style is named. It remained a secret family style for hundreds of years.

Most systems of Ving Tsun follow their lineage through Grandmaster Yip Man, the last Grandmaster of our style.

Following the Cultural Revolution, Grandmaster Yip fled to Hong Kong and began teaching the style publicly for the first time in the fifties. He didn't name a successor, so there was no Grandmaster after his death.

From Yip Man, our linage is as follows:

Si Gung:   Master Wong Shun Leung

Legendary fighter and former Chief Instructor under the great Grandmaster Yip Man, Master Wong was also the man most responsible for the training and development of the late Bruce Lee.

Until his untimely death in the early 1997, Master Wong Shun Leung was a Life Director, and was often Chairman of Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association. This organisation was founded by Yip Man as the body that loosely oversees our style. He was the man most often selected by selected by Grandmaster Yip Man to represent Ving Tsun in challenge matches against the best of every style. He was never beaten in these challenges.

Sifu:  Barry Lee

During the early seventies, Sifu Lee lived and trained full time in Hong Kong with master Wong Shun Leung. These arduous and intensive years were spent training up to fifteen hours a day, seven days a week.

During that time, Sifu Lee had many challenge matches and life-threatening situations. As a result, he has the necessary practical experience to teach the best technical responses in combat.

He has continuously trained with similar dedication since then, for up to seven hours a day every day even with a full career.

Sifu Lee has been an instructor to Police, Security and, Military personnel, and other specialist groups. He has also considerable experience teaching both in Australia, and overseas in both siminar and class situation, and thus is both a teacher and a fighter - an all too rare phenomenon in the martial arts world.


LIFE MEMBER: Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association.

RECOGNISED BY: HongKong Ving Tsun (WIng Chun) Athletic Association.

MEMBER: Federation of Australasian Kung Fu Organisations.

GOVERNMENT ACCREDITED: Australian Coaching Council.

Yang Ving Tsun Academy

Representing Sifu Barry Lee in Australia, the Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy.