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Gino Torreblanca


Gino is the Canley Vale Head Instructor for Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy (BLVTMAA), and he has been practicing Ving Tsun for over 24 years under Sifu Barry Lee.

Gino is one the most senior students of Sifu Barry Lee and he has over 15 years of teaching experience within the BLVTMAA.

At BLVTMAA, they teach in a traditional style, the "classical kung-fu". Hence, there is no grading or ranking status of each individual. It is known by individual seniority of knowledge and skills by their fellow school members.

In the later years Gino became responsible for the Canley Vale's Operations after Sifu Barry Lee moved to Germany. Sifu Lee has also entrusted his 3 School Branches to his 4 qualified Head Instructors. He returns to Australia on a yearly basis to train with his senior students and to ensure their competencies are maintained with high quality standard of teaching, skills and knowledge.



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