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Fu's Gallery


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Fu doing Siu Lim Tao


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Fu practicing Wooden Dummy



Fu's Visit in Barcelona, Spain (Asociación Espańola de Ving Tsun) - April 2001 to March 2002


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Fu with Jose Ortíz (Head Instructor)


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Fu doing Pak Sau Grab with Maria Marsol


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Fu doing Chi Sao with Jose Manjon


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Fu doing Chi Sao with Marta Miquel


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Fu doing Chi Sao with Jose Ortíz


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Farewell lunch with people of the school

Fu's Visit in Mogliano to conduct a Seminar, Italy - 8 to 15 April 2009

(Thanks to Flavio Addei and Njko Vita for making this event possible and others for their host and hospitality)

Fu with Mayor     Fu and Friends

Fu with Mayor and friends in Palazzo Forti                       Fu with Friends (left Flavio, right Carlo and Njko)

Seminar 1   Seminar 2 

Seninar 3   Seminar 4

Mogliano Seminar on 13 April 2009 

Seminar Lunch

Seminar Lunch Break at Bruno & Iuliana's House

Diner Franco

Wild Pig Feast with Franco

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame with Local Restaurant


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