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Bill Dowding


Bill Dowding is the Head Instructor at the Newcastle Branch of B.L.V.T.M.A.A..   Bill has trained in a number of martial arts (including "Wing Chun") and has taught self defence prior to joining B.L.V.T.M.A.A.  Bill may be looked upon as Sifu Lee’s "closed door protégé" as he has lived and trained with "the machine" Sifu Lee.

Bill has been training in Ving Tsun for approximately 13 years, although his exposure to Ving Tsun has been longer than that, having learnt from others in the past, he (like many others) consider his training began when he met Sifu Lee.

Bill is well respected by many other prominent martial artists in the Hunter region, and has been involved in a number of martial arts events in the region.  Bills fascination with combat goes beyond the unarmed fighting systems, he has for many years been actively involved in Medieval weapons fighting, his practical and theoretical knowledge in this area is amazing.

This passion for Medieval weapons led to a serious neck injury, like his Sifu he has contradicted medical prognosis which suggested he would never be able to train in martial arts again.  Not only did he train in Ving Tsun at least 5 days per week, but Bill was the first student of Sifu Lee to open a school for him.  Anyone who knows Sifu Lee knows that this could never occur unless a high level of competence in theory and practice had been attained.

Bill continues to seek improvement in his knowledge, skill and teaching ability through his constant training with his colleagues and Sifu Lees visits and seminars.

Bill is currently the only full time instructor for Sifu Barry Lee.  In his spare time he enjoys writing and has won an Australian Award as best writer for one of his short stories.



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